Join the CASS Campaign #MakeTimeForYourSelf!

October 10th 2017 is World Mental Health Day – join the CASS campaign!

It is World Mental Health Day on Tuesday 10th October and we are running the campaign #MakeTimeForYourSelf on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

We want to know what YOU do to make time for yourself and your wellbeing.

“Taking time out of the daily grind is very important for maintaining mental wellbeing. Today’s society is so busy that we do not stop to do the things we love and taking time for yourself is essential” says Chantelle Henderson, CASS Communications Officer. “Whether you simply sit down and have a ten minute break with a cup of tea, have a bath or go for a run. These small activities are important!”

So…what do you do for yourself? Here’s what the CASS staff get up to…

“I go to my allotment and get digging to unwind” says Letty (CASS Networker for North Bristol)

“I escape into nature and watch the local wildlife in Bristol” says Chantelle (CASS Communications Officer)



“I play the tabla drum! It really helps me relax” says Natalie (CASS Networker for South Bristol)

“I am a big reader and use reading to unwind and keep down the stress” says Monira (CASS Manager)


We look forward to hearing your suggestions on Twitter and Facebook! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MakeTimeForYourSelf.