Make Time to #TalkAndWalk

This Time to Talk Day we’ll be encouraging everyone to make Time to Talk about mental health, and to help Bristol residents start conversations we’re launching a #TalkAndWalk app!

Talking about ‘mental health’ can be difficult, however, we all know how it feels to be tired, stressed or experiencing low moods. You don’t have to have a mental illness to experience mental ill-health but there is still a huge amount of stigma attached to the subject. We aim to break this stigma down through conversations and activities.

Little things like getting outside for some gentle exercise, talking to a friend and paying attention to our moods and what makes us happy can improve our day-to-day mental health and wellbeing. This app will help get you started, and challenge your knowledge about mental health at the same time

Starting on February 4th, head to your app store and download Mobile Adventures. Then head to one of our four locations across the city and scan the QR code for each route. You’ll be able to register your team (or just yourself!) and see the locations of the pins on the map. Walk towards the pin and when you reach it, answer the question or complete the challenge that pops up!

If you don’t have a smartphone or you don’t live near one of the routes, you can still join in by downloading a paper copy of the quiz that can be used anywhere, or heading to Wellspring Healthy Living Centre, Knowle West Health Park or Greenway Centre to pick one up.