Healthy Living Consortium CASS Covid-19 Directory

Services in Bristol have changed in response to coronavirus, and CASS is working hard with partners to pull together information on these changes

We're concentrating on changes to mental health service delivery, and you can see our current information on alternative services here. This link will open up a Google spreadsheet:


  • If you have a Google account you will be able to view the spreadsheet in Sheets to use filters to search


  • If you have Excel you will be able to download the spreadsheet to use filters to search


  • If you don't have either of these, you can still search the spreadsheet by pressing control + f to open the 'find' function and search within the document


  • Please note - there are multiple tabs along the bottom of the spreadsheet for locality information, languages and information about grief and bereavement.


Please feel free to share this link and use this information when talking to people, especially those who don't have internet access and usually receive mental health support, or people who are struggling with their mental health as a result of the current events. Also bear in mind that the situation is changing fast so please do use the links to double check details. We have also adapted our popular Stress, Anxiety and Depression booklets to emphasise self-help rather than group or face to face support, which you can download as one document here.


If you represent a mental health service, or a community, faith or equality group who are offering support around mental health, isolation and staying connected, please let us know of any updates or additions to our current information by emailing


**If you are vulnerable and need support to obtain food, medicine or other essentials, you can call the We Are Bristol helpline on 0800 694 0184 from 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday**


Information about community services and local support, including food accessibility, will be available via local community hubs:

Inner & East Bristol: Wellspring Settlement
North Bristol: Southmead Development Trust
South Bristol: Knowle West Alliance


For information on volunteering, please see Can Do Bristol and for information on keeping volunteers, staff, service users and communities safe please see Voscur.


For information about changes to advice services, please see ACFA's directory here.