How can we help children talk about mental health?

One in 10 children live with a mental health problem. But there doesn’t need to be a problem to talk about mental health.

Our new Emotional Wellbeing Fund is giving community groups in Bristol the chance to run activities aimed at children. You could receive up to £1000 to run an activity and help children to learn more about their feelings and what to do when things get difficult. Find out more about the fund here.

We all have mental health and we can all make sure that children get the help they need when they need it

Are you thinking of applying to run an activity? Check out these examples for some inspiration:

Inside Out in Southmead

Southmead Development Trust did a screening of the children’s film Inside Out. The film, all about how a young girl copes when her family moves to a different city, was followed by activities focused on feelings. Children wrote letters to the characters in the film, drew pictures and made Emoji biscuits.

A picture of biscuits with smiling faces on them

Children writing letters

Mindfulness for children

Watch this short video for a quick mindfulness exercise that can be used with children (from Shepherd’s Hill nursery school).

Make something together

There are lots of fun craft activities which can easily be run with children. Have a look at this balloon stress toy or this mindfulness breathing wand for some ideas. All you need are a few art supplies and a space to create things together.

A paper plane with writing on it

Throw away difficult feelings with this paper aeroplane activity.

Apply for the fund

The Emotional Wellbeing Fund will be open to community groups in Bristol until July 2017. The next deadline is March 10th 2017. Follow this link for more information or contact 07400128052.

We look forward to hearing about your activity!