The community access support service works with community, equality and faith groups to improve awareness of mental health and provide better links to support services in Bristol

Mental Health and Wellbeing

It is now widely known that mental health issues affect 1 in 4 of us during any one year. What is less widely known is what to do if you or someone you know needs support to help get through such times. 'Mental health issues' isn't a term we use every day so when we see those three words together it's natural that we all have different ideas about what it means.


However, terms that we do come across every day - terms that we often use about ourselves during conversations - are 'stressed', 'anxious', 'sad' or 'angry'. If the strength of these feelings is overwhelming, last for extended periods or are being fed by life events such as relationship breakdown; debt; poor physical health; unemployment or trauma - then it's important to get the right support and advice to get through it.

I want to...

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