CASS has Networkers who meet with groups across the city to start conversations about mental health and gather feedback. For information about who manages CASS, visit our CASS Management Board and Steering Group pages.

In order to arrange a meeting with one of our Networkers, click on the appropriate team member or use our Contact page.

CASS Networker for South Bristol

Sarah-Louise Minter (Sarah) is our South Bristol Networker.  She works Monday through to Thursday and is based at Knowle West Health Park.  She works with community groups in South Bristol and with LGBT+ groups and Older People's groups throughout Bristol.  To contact Sarah please email

You can follow the South Bristol social media feeds on Twitter at @CASS_SBristol or on Facebook at @CASSSBristol

CASS Networker for Inner City and East

Our Inner and East Bristol Networker is Subitha Baghirathan, who works on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Subitha works with community groups based in Inner and East Bristol, and also with BAME groups across the city. Please email or call 07779 386 189 if you have any queries or would like to work with CASS in this locality, or around BAME issues.